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Insiders Series

« The secret dealmakers »

Wherever politics and international business meet, there will be found negotiators who have direct access to the corridors of state power. Whether it be in the Arab Gulf, the former Soviet Union, Latin America or Asia, their activities are extremely discreet but often decisive. The Insiders collection offers you an exclusive opportunity to discover the world of these key individuals, along with their close collaborators, their customers and their contacts at the highest levels.
Subscribers can consult these Insider profiles and/or download them free of charge. They are also available for purchase on an individual basis (read an extract).

Ivor Ichikowitz, the worldwide connections of the South African arms magnate

Norman Lamont, pillar of the British-Iranian business community

Mohamed Bin Salman, the team behind Saudi Arabia’s new strong man

The Fustok brothers, guardians of the financial secrets of King Abdullah

Yuri Shafranik, Vladimir Putin’s pathfinder in oil markets

Grant Rogan, architect of Gulf mega-contracts

Omar Zeidan, the doyen of Franco-Arabian deal-makers

The Al Kaabi family, operating arm of the Emir of Abu Dhabi

Dick Evans, the Kazakhstan connections of an arms industry high-flier

Iskandar Safa, deep sea stealth networking

Aaron Frenkel, the aircraft manufacturers' agent of choice

Dominique de Villepin, businessman poet

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