Confidence charter

Editorial ethics

Our first commitment: complete independence

We obey the principles of professional ethics in journalism

The information we publish is written by professional journalists, they endeavor to scrupulously adhere to highest standards of journalistic practice. In doing so, they pledge to: report objectively and accurately, and to verify the information they write.

We correct our mistakes

Despite all our efforts to ensure accuracy, factual errors occasionally get into print. When this happens, we publish a correction. We encourage our readers to alert us if they spot an error.

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We have never made use of advertising

To maintain our independence, we have chosen not to carry advertising, nor provide consultancy services. The profitability of our sites depends entirely on subscriptions.

Respecting intellectual property

Our second commitment: we respect the intellectual property rights of others, and require that our readers do the same

We are financed exclusively through subscriptions

Our independence and the quality of our content directly depends on our ability to fund our activities with subscriptions. By subscribing (and not distributing), you help us maintain our economic and editorial independence.

When you read an article, you are only paying for the right to consult and use it yourself

You may print an article or an issue and download it for your personal use, but you cannot under any circumstances distribute it to third parties even within your own organization whether by email, printing or intranet.

Multiple access in business and administrations

We offer group subscriptions to allow access for several readers within the same organization in compliance with copyright and intellectual property laws.

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Distributing information in a newsgroup or mailing list

Distributing an article from one of your newsletters can be allowed in specific cases. However, you must contact the editorial team to obtain prior authorization. We usually ask for the article or information not to be distributed within three days of publication on our website. We also ask that the information be credited to us, along with a link to our website.

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Privacy Policy

Our third commitment: Protection and non-disclosure of private data

Collection and use of customer information

A valid email address and password are necessary to open an account. Additional information such as your name and address will also be requested if you take out a subscription. We are committed to protecting the privacy of our customers. The personal information that you communicate to us when you navigate on our site will not be distributed to third parties.

The use of cookies

Most web browsers accept cookies automatically, but you can choose to disable this feature if you wish to. We use information from cookies to identify your sign-in details and your password during a visit to our site, eliminating the need for you to re-enter your login details when you buy an article. Your sign-in and password can be identified permanently if you click on “automatic sign-in”.

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