Spotlight UNITED STATES 22/02/2017

Thiel carves niche in US intelligence imagery

The founder of Paypal and Palantir, Silicon Valley’s only unconditional Donald Trump supporter, is bidding to become the go-to imagery contractor. [...]

Government Intelligence

Kim Jung-un’s half-brother planned to defect

The assassination of Kim Jong-nam, the half-brother of North Korea’s President Kim Jung-un, is a big setback for the US [...]

Mukhabarat shells out to get close to Trump

The Mukhabarat, the Egyptian intelligence service headed by General Khaled Fawzi, has directly hired two Washington lobbying firms to introduce [...]

UAE ready to jeopardize alliance with Riyadh for Aden

Yemen’s President Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi’s envoys and their Saudi sponsors visited Abu Dhabi in February but they did not [...]

French intelligence services help Dakar with SIGINT

According to our sources, the DGSE and the French interior ministry’s intelligence services are helping their counterparts in Senegal to [...]

London lays tax trap for oligarchs

The secret ownership of more than 4,400 properties in London by offshore companies controlled by Russian oligarchs and wealthy foreign [...]

Guoanbu changes tune on Taiwan because of Trump

Donald Trump’s volte-face on Taiwan - first recognizing its independence and then later acknowledging Beijing’s "One China" policy - has [...]

Amman consolidates rapprochement with Damascus

Jordan’s security heavyweights are reconnecting with Syria via the Kremlin. [...]

Trump considers well-connected Feinberg to shake up intelligence services

Stephen Feinberg is being tipped as the man Donald Trump may appoint to overhaul the US intelligence services. He has long held discreet contracts in the community. [...]

Yossi Cohen's Mariah Carey woes could soon be over Free

The Israeli justice ministry could be about to drop its corruption charges against Yossi Cohen, the head of Mossad, who [...]

Pompeo’s palestinian baptism of fire

New CIA chief Mike Pompeo has had to hit the [...]

Assad appeals to Badr

A Syrian security delegation made up of air force intelligence [...]

McCain reassures Riyadh

John McCain, the chairman of the Senate Committee on Armed [...]

Bajolet pushes MENA diplomat candidates to succeed him

DGSE chief Bernard Bajolet is to retire in three months’ [...]

Egmont praises Israel’s financial intelligence at Doha summit

The Egmont Group, the rapidly-growing informal grouping of financial intelligence [...]

Gulen followers pursue EU offensive

Rizanur Meral who is wanted in Turkey over his alleged [...]

Pompeo’s plugged-in replacement at Intelligence Committee

Since Mike Pompeo was appointed to head the CIA in [...]

UCLAT nabs European anti-terror cooperation from Judicial Police

Usually responsible for coordinating with other European police services and [...]

Polish commandos deployed in Syrian desert

According to our sources, Polish special forces are in operation [...]

Corporate Intelligence

Authorities keep tabs on business intelligence

There are stirrings of concern in the cosy world of Swiss private investigation over the government taking a closer look at its activities. [...]

Enders faces anti-corruption investigators alone

Having got rid of the last remnants of Airbus Group’ sales division he reviled, the Sales and Marketing Organisation (SMO), [...]

Training Somalia’s anti-terrorism units

Britain’s Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) has hired an array of private security companies to try to improve the performance [...]

Diligence attacked over probe for Statoil

The Swiss-British private investigation firm cabinet Diligence, which works regularly for the oil giant Statoil, is at the forefront of [...]

Longuet helps CMI with bid for Renault Trucks Defense

French senator Gerard Longuet appears not to be totally overwhelmed by the electoral campaign of his friend and champion Francois [...]

Cubic hires lobbying newcomer

Cubic, the giant technology firm that works for the Pentagon [...]

Pentagon envoy to Kuwait has double life

Douglas Hurst, who was appointed number two of the Office [...]

Francis Maude gives David Richards a helping hand

Francis Maude, Britain’s former minister for trade and investment, has [...]

GEOS gets foot in door of Tripoli embassies

GEOS, the French private security firm chaired by General Didier [...]

Veracity corners Asia-Pacific

Steven Fox’ corporate intelligence firm Veracity Worldwide is making inroads [...]

Guidepost gets into cyber

Guidepost Solutions, the US private investigation firm headed by Julie [...]

Former Blackwater executive takes over Garda's Afghan contracts

Brian Bonfiglio, the former vice-president in charge of State Department [...]

Macro listens to MP Redwood

British MP John Redwood, who works for a number of [...]

International Dealmaking

Defence minister moves forward on aerospace overhaul

Mohammed bin Salman’s enthusiasm for reform is about to have an impact on the aeronautics and space sectors. [...]

European country at war desperately seeks drone partners

The Ukrainian government is desperately trying to forge a local tactical drone industry to supply materiel to its army in Crimea. [...]

Due Diligence

Cameron’s former advisor teams with Obama strategists

Messina, the strategic consulting firm that advises several European countries and was founded by former Obama staffers, has been beefing up its right-wing with British conservatives. [...]

Surveillance & Interception

Moonshot CVE leads British cyber psy ops against Islamic State

A start-up launched with Google’s support is using Adwords and Whatsapp and Telegram accounts to counter IS propaganda. [...]

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