Spotlight UNITED KINGDOM 22/03/2017

Tokyo keen to relaunch nuclear manoeuvres in UK

Japan is firing on all cylinders in its bid to block Chinese ambitions for UK nuclear power. [...]

Government Intelligence

Generation change in internal intelligence

Francoise Bilancini, who was appointed to head the Paris police intelligence service Direction du Renseignement de la Prefecture de Police [...]

Duterte could befriend Tel Aviv to arm himself against Beijing

The Philippines’ President Rodrigo Duterte is expected to visit Israel soon on dates that have yet to be announced. If [...]

Taipei all out against Chinese intelligence

A year after the election of President Tsai Ing-wen, Taiwan’s counterintelligence services believe they are dealing with the biggest continental [...]

Russian-Israeli dialogue tested by Tehran

Like Gulf leaders, Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu does not want to have a Shi’ite arc at Israel’s borders. When he met [...]

Former State Security boss Geng Huichang under scrutiny

According to Intelligence Online’s sources in Beijing, Geng Huichang, the former head of the Ministry of State Security, or Guoanbu, [...]

Security apparatus goes to Washington with MbS

On a visit to Washington in mid-March, the Saudi Arabian defence minister Mohammed Bin Salman focused strongly on security issues. [...]

Anti-ISIS coalition facing difficult struggle to retake Anbar

An upcoming meeting in Washington between members of the international coalition engaged in Iraq looks set to launch the major issue of pacifying Anbar province. [...]

CIA hackers’ favourite suppliers

The 8,700 documents made public by WikiLeaks in early March offer a wealth of information on the agency’s cyber-subcontractors. [...]

CACI holds on to Islamist target programme Free

The US Army Intelligence & Security Command (INSCOM) decided earlier this month to continue to operate the Counter Insurgency Targeting [...]

Berkeley recruits chief anti-corruption investigator

Engaged in a global campaign to employ high-profile candidates (IOL [...]

Fleming to reinforce links between GCHQ and MI5

Jeremy Fleming, who was appointed to head GCHQ (Government Communications [...]

Intelligence gradually becomes more pro-Iranian

Moustafa Al Kazemi, the director of the Iraqi National Intelligence [...]

NSA sheds light on technology transfer to the private sector

The latest issue of the National Security Agency’s (NSA) quarterly [...]

US to provide weapons training to Moldova’s former Securitate

Despite the election of a pro-Russian government in Moldova last [...]

After budget cuts SIGAR hires private contractors for probes

The Special Inspector-General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR), the US Congress [...]

Corporate Intelligence

Defence companies swoop down in Berlin

According to our information, the main Israeli defence companies are planning to base their European sales operations in Germany. The [...]

Squarcini leaves Arcanum for Magellan

A few weeks ago, Bernard Squarcini, the former chief of the French intelligence service DCRI disappeared from the website of [...]

Steve Vickers sets up in Singapore

Until now solely established in Hong-Kong, Steve Vickers & Associates (SVA), the corporate intelligence company founded by a former Senior [...]

Former Labour minister Cunningham weighs in behind traders

In taking over as chair of the board of Navitas Resources, a small energy and commodities consultancy, Jack Cunningham, Baron [...]

Gardaworld sets sights on Paris

GardaWorld, the international arm of Canadian security giant Garda, is thinking of setting up a local office in Paris, which [...]

Arab coalition hires Burson-Marsteller

According to our information, the Saudi Minister of Defence and deputy crown prince Mohammad bin Salman struck a deal a [...]

Ex-DGSE No. 2 shipping out from CMA-CGM

Having arrived in early 2016, retired general Frederic Beth only [...]

HSBC in favour with Mohammed bin Salman

The Saudi Minister for Defence, Mohammed Bin Salman is continuing [...]

Bob Dole sticks with Kosovo

A special advisor to the consultancy Alston & Bird in [...]

Ex-FCO Harris boosts Stabilisation Network team

Former British diplomat Alistair Harris has recruited several former armed [...]

Sardinia a refuge for Russian capital flight

In a symptomatic case of the capital flight that affects [...]

Paniguian to to act as Pienaar’s viceroy at ITC Secure

The former chief of the British Ministry for Trade and [...]

Control Risks calls on finance industry heavyweight

From April 1, security and corporate intelligence company Control Risks [...]

Former Stroz-Friedberg VP in London moves to Mandiant

Alister Shepherd, a former vice president of the corporate intelligence [...]

Ankura reinforces its Washington cyber-investigation department

Ankura Consulting continues its drive to gain ground in the [...]

International Dealmaking

Verno Capital, architect of Rostec-Mubadala rapprochement

An advisor to the UAE’s sovereign fund in Russia, the Russian investment boutique Verno Capital is a key player in a highly-strategic bilateral relationship. [...]

After Rolls-Royce, new priorities for SFO

Termination of the case against Rolls-Royce at the end of January has given the Serious Fraud Office (SFO) room for manoeuvre that will allow it to pursue other cases. [...]

Due Diligence

Bin Hilal defends turf against EDIC, Tawazun and Mubadala

US companies’ long-standing local partner in the United Arab Emirates is trying to resist competition from the UAE’s big conglomerates. [...]

Surveillance & Interception

DarkMatter’s Pegasus takes flight as UAE’s answer to Palantir

The cyber-security firm which has a special relationship with the Dubai police force is getting into data mining. [...]

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