Spotlight UNITED STATES EUROPE 21/06/2017

NSA, GCHQ look to private sector for cyber-offensive firepower

With cyber-attacks carried out by governments or on their behalf becoming ever more frequent, US and European intelligence service strategists are trying to adapt to the new normal. [...] [...]

Government Intelligence

Francis Delon takes temporary regency of French intelligence

According to Intelligence Online's sources, because of the musical chairs in ministries over this post-electoral period, the Commission Nationale de [...] [...]

Indian intelligence services convince Washington

According to our sources, the Department of State added Mohammad Shafi Armar to the list of terrorists wanted by the [...] [...]

High-ranking cyberspace officials sacked

Chen Zhimin was sacked as head of cybersecurity at the Public Security ministry, or Gonganbu, last week. In his early [...] [...]

Ex-NATO head complains about intelligence shortcomings

NATO's intelligence process is too politicized and must be reformed, according to retired US Air Force Gen. Philip Breedlove, NATO's [...] [...]

US intelligence blind on Hezbollah finance

The Countering Iran's Destabilizing Activities Act of 2017, which was recently passed by the US Senate actively supported by the [...] [...]

Doha getting battle-ready to deal with Gulf crisis

With its neighbours lining up against Qatar, the ex-emir Hamad bin Khalifa has taken back the reins of power behind the scenes and called his cousin and former right-hand man "HBJ" back to Doha. [...] [...]

Macron comes up with legislative solution for radio interceptions

The French president's office and the government are considering how to legalise radio interceptions which have been in a legal grey area for months. [...] [...]

Kirkuk sparks upset between Erbil and Baghdad Free

According to our sources, the Iraqi government led by Prime Minister Haider Al Abadi is planning to install military bases [...] [...]

Lauvergeon weighs in on DGA succession

Ex-Areva chief Anne Lauvergeon is looking to have a say [...] [...]

Bajolet's influence grows

New French President Emmanuel Macron has been so busy sidelining [...] [...]

Noone DIA's new international liaison chief

James Noone was appointed to head the new international liaison [...] [...]

DGSE could be called in Lafarge case

The Paris prosecutor's office, which opened an investigation into alleged [...] [...]


Rapprochement on common ground

Ballistic missiles fired by Iran from its territory onto Seir-Ezzor, [...] [...]

Jaoudeh, new defence attache in Paris

General Elie Abou Jaoudeh is expected to arrive at the [...] [...]

Head of Public Security versed in anti-terrorism

King Salman bin Abdulaziz appointed Saud bin Abdulaziz Al Hilal [...] [...]

World's oldest spy celebrates service's anniversary

Former spy Yao Zijian, 102 years old, attended celebrations for [...] [...]

Corporate Intelligence

Utemuratov, Nazarbayev's trustee, risks exposure

Investigating suspicions of money-laundering connected with a series of financial transfers with Kazakhstan, the Dutch prosecution service is taking an [...] [...]


Salomon Werner, Iranian bank Sarmayeh's European agent

According to Intelligence Online's sources, Iran's Sarmayeh business bank, which was privatised in 2006, is settling in Europe with the [...] [...]

Garda's Cretier and Rhone make beeline for Paris

The British private equity firm Apax Partners sold its stake in the Canadian private security giant GardaWorld, to its chief [...] [...]

Former GCHQ chief Paul Manister gets into encryption

Paul Manister, a former manager at GCHQ, Britain's interception agency, was appointed to head Dyrnan Communications earlier this month. Dyrnan [...] [...]

Powell hires former soldiers at Inter-Mediate

Recently retired chief of defence staff Nicholas Houghton has joined Inter-Mediate, the private diplomacy firm headed by Jonathan Powell, former [...] [...]

IAI tries to sell satellites to Warsaw

According to our sources, the Polish defence minister Antoni Macierewicz recently sent a delegation to Tel Aviv to negotiate a [...] [...]

Complaint against Oligarchs favourite trustee

A criminal complaint alleging fraud and forgery of documents against [...] [...]

Ex-Kroll executive joins offshore cabinet

Angela Barkhouse, a former executive with the corporate intelligence firm [...] [...]

Former Dassault Systemes security chief flies solo

After five years as director of security and safety at [...] [...]

Seris pressures Erys on Areva contract

The private security group Seris, which has a stake in [...] [...]

Consulum advises defence groups in Gulf

The strategic consulting firm Consulum, founded by two former Bell [...] [...]

Phil Rosenberg joins Chertoff Group

Phil Rosenberg, a former financial intelligence expert at the CIA, [...] [...]

Post-Flynn exodus from Patriot Defense Group

A number of people have left the intelligence firm Patriot [...] [...]

Langenhahn links Al Shihabi and Quincy Group

Evan Langenhahn has joined the new The Arabia Foundation in [...] [...]

International Dealmaking

Battle between jurisdictions over Airbus anti-corruption case

Airbus has years of anti-corruption investigations in front of it and is caught between different prosecution services that are having their own power struggles. [...] [...]

Reliance places its hopes in Rafale offset

Anil Ambani's Reliance, the local partner of Dassault for the Rafale, has made some missteps that could jeopardize the deal. [...] [...]

Due Diligence


Airbus agent Necdet Ersoy ready to counter-attack

Necdet Ersoy, who was Airbus Group's agent in Turkey for many years, is threatening to take the company to court after his contract was abruptly axed by the export department. [...] [...]

Surveillance & Interception

DroneJack WiFi network brings down unwelcome drones

French researchers have developed a cheap to produce system that can protect against intrusions by Wifi-controlled commercial drones. [...] [...]

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