Sauds back in favour at the White House

US generals now running US foreign policy under Trump have opened the door of the White House to Saudi Arabia, after eight years of Riyadh being shunned by the Obama administration. [...]

Government Intelligence

Beside attack on Wikileaks, Pompeo unveils plans for CIA

In his first public appearance as director of the CIA, former Republican congressman Mike Pompeo showed that he is very [...]

DGSI's anti-terrorism department gets legal chief

According to our sources, Lucile Rolland has stepped down as the head of the DGSI's anti-terrorism, or "T", department, after [...]

Aoun rings changes at Military Intelligence

Lebanon's Military Intelligence has not escaped new President Michel Aoun's purge of the intelligence services. Aoun has promoted General Antoine [...]

Pimond spruces up DGSE's intelligence department

The reform of the DGSE's intelligence department, which has been prepared in secret over the past few months, was unveiled [...]

Military intelligence copies US' 'fusion centers'

While the restructuring of the Chinese People's Liberation Army continues (IOL 774), its new Intelligence Centre, or Qingbao Zhongxin, is [...]

Bin Salman sidelines Bin Nayef on security

The Salman clan is profiting from its honeymoon phase with the Trump administration to consolidate its power in Riyadh. [...]

Foreign spy campaign a headache for Guoanbu officials

A campaign offering rewards to people who help unmask foreign spies is not to the liking of all State Security officials. [...]

China's cyber-intelligence looking for new tools Free

Following Wikileaks' publication of the NSA and CIA's toolboxes in recent weeks, several Israeli cyber-intelligence firms have been surprised to [...]

New NSa communications chief hacked

Kelli Arena, the former CNN Washington correspondent who was appointed [...]

Lukashenko slaloms between West and Syria

Belarus' President Alexandra Lukasheno is managing to make time for [...]

US Army review intelligence capabilities

The US Army is poised to complete a review of [...]

Turkey, Pompeo’s first worry

Speaking at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) [...]

Ankara and Tel Aviv cooperate in defence

According to Intelligence Online’s sources, the Turkish defence minister, Fikri [...]

Pentagon's number two officer concerned about export restrictions

At a seminar on military innovation at Georgetown University on [...]

GCHQ and MI5 in frontal recruitment on Russia

On its recruitment site, GCHQ, Britain's interceptions agency, has a [...]

Tactical rapprochement against Beijing

Tokyo is discreetly teaming with New Delhi to keep Chinese [...]

Corporate Intelligence

Rosneft-Qatar deal puzzles CIA

According to our sources, the CIA and a other US intelligence agencies are trying to untangle the complexities of commodities [...]

Amarante up against competition for EU contracts in Africa

A number of contracts to protect the European Union (EU) in Africa are coming up for renewal. The first and [...]

Quiet Professionals, from counter-terrorism to counter-corruption

Quiet Professionals (QP), a firm that provides support to special operations, has recently recruited Robert Pecha, a veteran of the [...]

Herminius opens Swiss office

The British strategic consulting and corporate intelligence firm Herminius has opened an office in Zurich. For the moment, the Swiss [...]

Russian fortunes in Aperio’s sights

To respond to growing demand from Russian oligarch wealth managers, the British corporate intelligence firm Aperio Intelligence is beefing up [...]

Edelman's pro-Russian shift

According to our sources, the PR firm Edelman is leaning further towards Russia with the recent hire of John Browne, [...]

Ex-Ashton Carter aide goes to amazon

Iram Ali, who was former US Secretary of Defense Ashton [...]

Noble alliance to manage family offices

Financier Thomas Lyttelton, the third Vicount of Chandos, has been [...]

Al Khateeb goes on defence mission to Paris

Ahmed Al Khateeb, an advisor to Saudi Arabia’s King Salman [...]

Housley, from Afghan emerald-mining to intelligence

British former paratrooper Richard Housley founded a new consulting firm, [...]

Albright Stonebridge lobbies EU for Twitter, Spotify

Albright Stonebridge Group, the American business diplomacy firm founded by [...]

Diligence appoints Paris representative

Diligence, the well-known corporate intelligence firm headed by former British [...]

Guidepost makes push into energy and technology

Guidepost Solutions recently hired Asha Muldro to head its Los [...]

International Dealmaking

Ashcroft and Powell, to wield influence on Brexit

With Brexit negotiations poised to get underway, a new market is opening up for lobbyists to represent clients who would like to influence the terms of the British-EU divorce. [...]

Vengeful ex and sour deal expose Lafont and DGSE

Jean-Philippe Lafont, who provides security services to a number of French companies in Iraq, is under attack on several fronts. [...]

Due Diligence

DTI promotes Chinese defence industry in Pakistan

Having worked for Western and South Korean companies for many years, the Pakistani firm Defense Technologies International (DTI), has recently turned its attentions to China [...]

Surveillance & Interception

Confidentia and Kaymera secure billionnaire's communications

Competition is hotting up in the lucrative ultra-high net worth secure communications marketplace [...]

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