Spotlight FRANCE 19/07/2017

High-level battle to operate air surveillance over Sahel and Near East

Private companies that operate fleets of air surveillance planes are preparing the bids they will submit to the French army. These are strategic contracts since ISR is an activity that is set to explode. [...]

Government Intelligence

Suleimani: HR McMaster's number one enemy

With tensions running very high between Washington and Tehran, Donald Trump's national security advisor, Lt. Gen. HR McMaster, is now [...]

Sisi sticks with Hamas despite July 7 attack

According to a report by the defence attache of a Gulf state in Cairo that Intelligence Online has seen, Egyptian [...]

Intelligence support pays in Abuja

Careful study of the annexes of the French defence ministry's annual report to the parliament on defence exports, which was [...]

Constitutional concerns over cyber developments

In the past few days, the Japanese defence ministry has come under intense pressure. The Japan Self Defence Forces (JSDF), [...]

Sue Gordon tasked with working her NSA magic at DNI

Susan M. Gordon, who will probably be appointed the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) Dan Coat's number two (IOL 786), [...]

Egypt's intelligence agency compiles "black book" against Doha

In the shadow of Riyadh and Abu Dhabi, the Egyptian intelligence service is gathering as much information as it can against Doha to try to get Western countries on their side. [...]

Russia pushes Pentagon to revise its cyber strategy

The series of Russian cyber-attacks against US infrastructure recently has prompted Washington to take steps to overhaul its cyberwarfare doctrine. [...]

Barzani's referendum bid gets off to bad start Free

Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) leader Masoud Barzani's visit to Brussels last week, which was intended to drum up support for [...]

A New Ambassador in Paris

After two years without a full-time ambassador to Paris, Lebanon [...]

DGSI's Duthe receives July 14 honours

Division Commissioner Fabienne Duthe was the only official of the [...]

Ferlet's challenge at the DRM

Jean-Francois Ferlet, the new head of French military intelligence, the [...]

DIA's HR policy may hurt nuclear intelligence

In its report on the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) [...]

NATO eyes Russia's Zapad 17

NATO is hoping that Russia's inter-force exercise Zapad 17, being [...]

New ICTS units to be established

According to our sources, the government in Baghdad is looking [...]

New NSA technology goes on sale

The NSA recently updated the technology that it makes available [...]

Paris launches new round of Russian interception

The French Air Force's spy planes have returned to Europe's [...]

Guoanbu's deathbed policing of Liu Xiaobo

Until his death on July 13, China's State Security, or [...]

Corporate Intelligence

Gueant's son-in-law defends Uzan clan's interests

Financial consultant Jean-Charles Charki, the son-in-law of ex-interior minister Claude Guéant, (IOL 770) is handling the bankruptcy of the luxury [...]

Ruia brothers led Rosneft-Essar deal

Brothers Shashi and Ravi Ruia, the heads of the Indian conglomerate Essar, are enjoying a new lease of life after [...]

GPW comes to Lebedev's rescue

The Russian oligarch Alexander Lebedev has scored a legal victory in his battle with his former financial manager, Anatoly Danilitskiy. [...]


G4S chosen to guide EU security mission in Iraq

The British private security giant G4S has been contracted to protect the European exploratory mission that has been set up [...]

Ex-CIA Islamabad chief launches business intelligence firm

Kevin Hulbert, the former CIA head of station in Pakistan, launched his new business intelligence firm Pangea Business Intelligence in [...]

Battle for Renault Trucks Defense accelerates

Renault Trucks Defense (RTD) is expected to enter exclusive negotiations with a buyer in the coming weeks. The list of [...]

Charles Carr to leave K2 Intelligence

Charles Carr is poised to step down as the head [...]

Lamont gets back into action

Norman Lamont, the former Chancellor of the Exchequer, became an [...]

Seris loses CNES contract

The private security guard firm Seris has lost its strategic [...]

Quintel Intelligence sticks close to lawyers

Quintel Intelligence, the corporate intelligence firm chaired by former Special [...]

New York establishment figure heads Nardello's DC office

Sarah Morgenthau, the former deputy assistant secretary for the private [...]

Pentagon Asia specialist joins McLarty

McLarty Associates, the consulting firm founded by Bill Clinton's former [...]

International Dealmaking

DGSE keen to catch up on tactical interception capabilities

The French external intelligence service has decided to focus on national interception solutions developed by its usual partners, rather than acquiring foreign technology. [...]

Kaplan follows Silk Route to Pakistan

Billionaire Thomas Kaplan, who is close to Tony Blair's former chief-of-staff Jonathan Powell, is getting into Pakistan's mining industry with the help of local generals and the Chinese. [...]

Due Diligence

LASA Engineering revives Erik Prince's militarized agricultural aircraft

LASA Engineering, which was founded by Erik Prince but is now owned by a Bulgarian aviation firm, is touting itself as an ITAR-free alternative to the companies that convert agricultural planes for anti-guerrilla deployment. [...]

Surveillance & Interception

BTS Tracker shakes up mobile forensic investigation

An Italian GSM device can precisely track the movements of a mobile telephone based on its log of previous calls, without the help of mobile operators. [...]

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