Published on 18 September 2012

Syria: Behind the conflict

Syria: The secret conflict

Behind the military operations that pit rebels from the Free Syrian Army against government forces lies another and more secretive tug-of-war: that of supplying the two warring camps. To buy gasoline and ordnance needed by its army, Syria is forced to flout American and European sanctions and call upon its Russian ally for assistance. As for the rebels, they rely on a coalition of Western and Gulf nations to supply them with arms but the equipment is rudimentary and arrives only sparingly.

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JORDANSYRIA 19/09/2012

Tlass tries to take lead

Backed by Riyadh, Paris and Amman, dissident General Manaf Tlass is trying to federate Syria’s opposition. But the insurgents - and Qatar- are skeptical. [...]

Spotlight SYRIA 19/09/2012

Clandestine operations of little help to rebels

Diplomatic efforts to resolve the crisis in Syria having achieved nothing, in recent months Western nations have dropped hints that they are providing unofficial support to the opposition forces fighting Bashar Al Assad’s regime. However, despite the talk, only very [...]


Syrian Support Group finds US money for rebellion

A coalition of Syrian-Americans, supported by a former member of the US delegation to the UN, is raising money for the Free Syrian Army. [...]

Spotlight SAUDI ARABIAIRANSYRIA 22/08/2012

Bandar on offensive against Damascus, Tehran

King Abdullah appointed Bandar bin Sultan as the new head of the General Intelligence Directorate (GID), the Saudi external intelligence service, on July 19, with a view to expanding the kingdom's covert operations in the region. The two objectives he [...]

SYRIA 04/07/2012

Bachar Al Assad's financial web

With sanctions tightening on Syria (the EU adopted new measures [...]


American Lobbyists line up for rebels

Involved in Barack Obama’s presidential campaign, where he acted as [...]

SYRIATURKEY 04/07/2012

Opposition forces find sanctuary Free

Without saying it in so many words, when Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan decreed on June 26 that any [...]

Kurds the last to stand by Assad

The Syrian regime is still holding the north and east of the country thanks to backing from armed Kurdish groups like the PKK and Democratic Union Party. Washington and Ankara are seeking to push the Kurds aside. [...]


Frederic Hof

Frederic Hof, the U.S. State Department's point man on Syria, [...]

Spotlight SYRIA 20/06/2012

Bashar al-Assad's wartime economy

To finance the crackdown against his opponents, and ensure loyalists continue to live in the style to which they are accustomed, Bashar Al Assad's government has mobilised Syria's major companies, a number of which are headed by individuals close to [...]


Syria targets rebel support in Lebanon

Bashar al-Assad’s regime has been carrying out operations against supporters of the Syrian Free Army with the help of Lebanon’s general security and military security services. [...]

EUROPESYRIA 09/05/2012

Damascus refuels in Cyprus Free

Taking advantage of gray areas in European legislation, Syria is still buying petrol in Europe. [...]

IRAQSYRIA 25/04/2012

Financial support for Damascus

Not content with being a platform for Iranian arms deliveries [...]


David Petraeus

David Petraeus visited Ankara on March 13 to meet his [...]

LIBYATURKEY 21/03/2012

Libyan brigades for Syria Free

On March 19, the Turkish daily newspaper Hurriyet published an advertisement from the Libyan embassy in Turkey seeking hotels in [...]

FRANCESYRIA 21/03/2012

General Mustapha Tlass

General Mustapha Tlass, who spent last week in Paris establishing [...]

Swiss & Greeks bust sanctions

Several traders are continuing to supply oil to Syria by exploiting grey areas in European legislation. [...]

SYRIATURKEY 07/03/2012

MIT versus the Mukhabarat Free

The Turkish intelligence agency Milli Istihbarat Teskilati (MIT) has embarked on a PR exercise of sorts after its prestige took [...]

SYRIATURKEY 22/02/2012

Syria and Turkey’s intelligence wars

To destabilise Turkey, which has become a base for the Free Syrian Army, the Syrian intelligence services are spreading rumours and handing out wads of cash. [...]

LIBYAQATAR 07/12/2011

From one rebellion to another

Qatar is carrying out an audacious operation to recover arms [...]

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