Published on 27 November 2012

Cyber-war clouds gather over China and West

Cyber-war clouds gather over China and West

China has been highly active in cyber-warfare and now finds itself several steps ahead of Western nations. In what is shaping up to be a veritable computer arms race, Europe and the US are in turn developing large-scale offensive capabilities. Global cyber-warfare could be just a mouse click away.

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Secret armies against Beijing

The Pentagon is determined to play catch-up with China in [...]

UNITED STATES 19/09/2012

Plan X packs them in

The Plan X research programme, which is aimed at providing [...]

Spotlight UNITED STATES 05/09/2012

Cyber-warfare on an industrial scale

Keen to end its reliance on small hacker units to carry out computer attacks, the Pentagon is developing technologies that will allow large-scale cyberwarfare to take place with practically no human intervention, much in the way that anti-missile defence systems [...]

CHINA 22/08/2012

Nanhao Group's hacking sideline

The contractors that monitor the activities of Chinese hackers on behalf of Western intelligence services are also taking an interest [...]

FRANCE 18/07/2012

Elysee, Astrium  suffer cyber attack

It turns out that French president's office was not alone [...]

EUROPE 09/05/2012

EC unveils plans for European Cybercrime Centre

The European Commission presented the European Parliament’s Security and Defence [...]


MoD goes on cyber-offensive

Next month the Ministry of Defence will open its own cyber-warfare unit. [...]

UNITED STATES 07/03/2012

Hackers of the world beware

The new chief of the U.S. counter-espionage services is a specialist in cyber security, a sign that computer attacks are now considered more dangerous than foreign spies. [...]


Seoul reacts to Beijing cyber-attacks

Regularly targeted by the 3rd Department of the Chinese People’s [...]

FRANCE 13/07/2011

Cyber-command for French military

The French military is building a cyber-command that will be able to engage in defensive and offensive cyber warfare. [...]


Ferbrache, cyber-warfare brain

A new unit of the general staff has been set up to plan for new cyber-warfare capabilities within the British armed forces. [...]

CHINA 30/03/2011

Cyber-warfare chief removed

The Chinese' army's cyber-warfare department has been without a director since the beginning of the year. [...]

CHINA 13/01/2010

Guardians of China's Virtual Great Wall

A court case has identified a number of companies that design systems to control China's Internet, and their links with the Chinese armed forces. [...]

UNITED STATES 09/12/2009

The Cold Cyberwar Has Begun

Devoted to digital warfare, the latest report on computer crime [...]

CHINA 11/11/2009

A Beehive of Hackers for China

The authorities in Beijing are still fuming about a report by Northrop Grumann which looked into China’s relations with hacker groups for the first time. [...]

UNITED STATES 17/12/2008

Escalation in Cyber War

To back up its recommendations concerning electronic security, a panel of experts has unveiled certain cyber war operations carried out in the United States. [...]

UNITED STATES 28/05/2008

Analyst Targeted by Chinese Cyber Commandoes

Speaking on May 20 before the US China Economic and [...]

UNITED STATES 28/05/2008

Seeking Tips on Hacking

The U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory has put out a call for help in developing ways of gaining access to any remotely located computer systems. [...]

UNITED STATES 14/05/2008

How the Pentagon is Organizing its Cyber Warfare System Free

With the US Strategic Command preparing for the debut of its Cyber Command, cyber warfare has cropped up on the agenda of both Congress and NATO. [...]

UNITED STATES 12/03/2008

How to Recruit Cyber Commandos?

Speaking before the House of Representatives' armed services committee in [...]

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