Spotlight EUROPE 27/12/2017

Mediterranean a new nest for (private) spies

The long-standing base of any number of government intelligence agencies operating in the Middle East, the island is now becoming a thriving hub for private firms in the business. [...]

Government Intelligence

French government takes back control of communications interception platform from Thales

After having run into all sorts of problems since it struck up a major agreement with the electronics group in 2008, the French Ministry of Justice is to take judge-sanctioned communications interception back in-house in 2019 according to Intelligence Online's sources. In recent weeks, we have been investigating the intense haggling over this contract which is wreaking havoc at the French justice [...]

Lafarge probe could lead to DGSE's door

Active in all contacts between Lafarge and Islamic militants in Syria, France's DGSE has its eyes glued now on the legal case against the cement giant. [...]

Move to set up Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security agency

A plan to establish a huge Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) is gaining momentum with the homeland security committee [...]

A Shi'ite Army to join Hezbollah in battling Israel ?

During a set of meetings held recently in Damascus and Tehran, the general staff of Iran's Revolutionary Guards (or Pasdarans) [...]

You Quan, new boss of United Work Front department

One of China's biggest security services, the United Front Work Department (UFWD, Zhongyang Tongyi Zhanxian Gongzuobu) is now being headed [...]

Financial intelligence push against Pyongyang

In mid-December, Japan's counter-intelligence agency Koancho raided a number of companies and organizations associated with the highly powerful General Association [...]

DGSE grapples with Big Data

Overwhelmed by the mountain of data it receives and needs to analyze, DGSE is seeking specialists in the field, as revealed by its new list of interim positions in 2017-2018 that Intelligence Online has obtained. [...]

Socotra island: the Emirates hold the wild card in Yemeni conflict

With Abu Dhabi reluctantly beginning to accept talks with the Moslem Brotherhood, the United Arab Emirates is gradually gaining control of Socotra island lying off the country. [...]

Farewell to Orwin

Former Scotts Guard officer Jeremy Stampa Orwin died at the [...]

- Pompeo to Drop In on Manama

CIA director Mike Pompeo is due to visit Manama at [...]

National police force urges staff to apply for work at DGSI

It was an unprecedented move in police annals. In a [...]

Agencies want fewer staff on short-term contracts

The British parliament's Intelligence & Security Committee (ISC), which submitted [...]

DGSE beefs up security in France's overseas territories

France's DGSE will shortly put out a contract for a [...]

Make-over at DRSD

A decree issued on Dec. 4 on how France's Direction [...]


Spy planes for Italian customs

Italy's Guardia di Finanza (GDiF) plans to beef up the [...]

Full security guard for Macron in Abidjan

In addition to the Groupe de Securite de la Presidence [...]

Corporate Intelligence

Faury to be France's man at Airbus Group

In taking over shortly as chief operating officer of Airbus Group, Guillaume Faury, will assume a role he has unofficially [...]

Former BND boss backs startup SciEngines

German company SciEngines recently put an application on the market that allows intelligence operatives to deploy cryptanalysis tools in briefcases, [...]

Shirreff and Barrack Gold in Africa tie-up?

The British strategic consulting firm Strategia Worldwide (IOL 754) could land new contracts with the Canadian gold giant Barrick Gold [...]

Paris newcomer Ker-Meur hooks up with law firm

The corporate intelligence firm Ker-Meur that is headed by Frank Puget, who previously worked for Risk & Co, has forged [...]

Falanx catching its breath after sudden firing of boss

The security and corporate intelligence firm Falanx has been pulling itself together after the surprise dismissal of its boss in [...]

Paris supports Naval Group & Airbus to crack Latin America market Free

France rolled out its goods at the Expodefensa arms fair (organized by the French trade association GICAT) in Bogota in [...]

Djouhri's reluctant return to Geneva

Although his friends were unhappy to see him leave, expecting [...]


Enders can still count on Montrose Associates

Under extreme pressure, Airbus Group CEO Tom Enders finds himself [...]

Total starts hiring new suppliers

According to our sources, Total has begun to choose new [...]

What can Paris still hope to sell to Beirut ?

With French president Emmanuel Macron set to visit Lebanon in [...]

Cardonne opens his hypnosis office

A former commander of the investigative department at the French [...]

Former MI5 boss provides insight at Luminance

Jonathan Evans, chief of Britain's Security Service (MI5) between 2007-2013, [...]

Nardello sets up an advisory board

The private investigative concern headed by former prosecutor Dan Nardello, [...]

International Dealmaking

All but invisible, Utemuratov the center of attention in Astana

With a turf war raging in Astana as president Nursultan Nazarbayev's health declines, Kazakh oligarch Bulat Utemuratov reluctantly finds himself very much in the spotlight. [...]

Abu Dhabi backs Olive in fight for key Baghdad-Amman road

With strong backing from Abu Dhabi and Washington, Olive Group finds itself in a tussle for control of the highly strategic road from Baghdad to Amman. [...]

Due Diligence

How the Recanati clan gained head start on cybersecurity market

The family of former Israeli banker Leon Recanati has positioned itself as one of the leading investors on the Israeli cyber market. [...]

Surveillance & Interception

Great idea for Xmas gift : a spy USB cable courtesy of Amazon and Alibaba

Equipped with a cheap microphone and GSM transmitter, nothing distinguishes it from a standard USB cable, but you can use it to eavesdrop permanently on a room or geolocate a car. [...]

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