Spotlight UNITED STATES 08/03/2017

Attack drone technology proliferation changes power-balance in war on terror

The use of attack drones was once the sole preserve of the Pentagon but home-made devices that are practically impossible to counter are now being used against US forces in numerous theatres of operation. [...]

Government Intelligence

Mattis book Pentagon’s first casualty

The nomination of Jim Mattis as U.S. defense secretary appears to have stopped the presses on his new book. Sources [...]

Musical chairs in embassy security

Sophie Hatt has taken over as the head of the French interior ministry's Department of International Cooperation (DCI), at a [...]

Beijing goes on Japanese spying spree

Thanks to the recent Chinese law on national security, Japanese citizens in continental China are being openly targeted by the [...]

London keeps up fight against Boko Haram

The British government took time to react to the rise of Boko Haram in Northern Nigeria in 2014 but now [...]

Calvar looking to develop home-grown Palantir

Addressing a parliamentary commission on European borders and the Schengen Agreement, Patrick Calvar, the head of France’s internal intelligence service [...]

Li Qiufang, Iron Lady in Hong Kong and Macau

Li Qiufang, the new "head of team" of the Central Committee for Discipline Inspection for Hong Kong and Macau, has [...]

Abu Dhabi gets tough with Yemen’s pro-Coalition loyalists

The United Arab Emirates is keeping up the pressure on Yemen forces loyal to the Arab Coalition. Abu Dhabi is concerned they are too close to the Islamist forces in Yemen. [...]

Nasrallah’s Hezbollah caught between Iran and Syria

Damascus’ proxy Hezbollah also has to deal with Iran, which is calling for it to deploy more fighters in Syria, and Russia which wants it to leave Syria. [...]

Former NSC official joins Obama foundation

Bernadette Meehan, who was the special advisor to the number [...]

Sarkozy enters Chinese Palace intrigue

His appointment as the head of hotel chain Accor’s new [...]

DNI’s new strategic priorities

The Senate Intelligence Committee audition confirming Dan Coats as Director [...]

Battle between intelligence services in Tehran

Relations between Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence, the Vaja (Vezarat-e Ettela’at [...]

DGSI's technical department to have own international networks

The DGSI (Direction Generale de la Securite Interieure) France's internal [...]

Pro-Aoun security shake-up

Jean Kahwagi is poised to step down as the commander-in-chief [...]

Power struggle takes stronger nuclear tack

Under the terms of a bill submitted to the Committee [...]

Walid Phares, Trump’s envoy

According to Intelligence Online’s sources, researcher and businessman Walid Phares [...]

Corporate Intelligence

Battle for CIA air transport contracts

On February 21, the US government intervened in a legal spat between two of its contractors, asking the court to [...]

Alrowad, Abu Dhabi’s cyber-police force

At a time when the internal terrorism threat is at its highest in the UAE, Abu Dhabi’s security forces are [...]

Lord Chadlington goes from consulting to chairing GPW

After a difficult 2016, GPW, the corporate intelligence firm headed by Patrick Grayson and Peter Pender-Cudlip is going to have [...]

Foreign ministry in spat with GEOS in Tripoli

According to our sources, the French foreign ministry recently called the private security company GEOS in for an explanation. The [...]


Former Argus-Galea chief moves SMS Egypt to Malta

Gilles Bouguignon, the former director of the Egyptian division of the private security company Galea SMS, recently registered the private [...]

Albany on offensive against Russia’s Baltic influence Free

On a tour of the Baltic States on February 20-21 to counter Russian influence in the region, David Davis, Britain’s [...]

Former Spymaster joins Credit Agricole

Jon Day, who headed Cabinet Office's Joint Intelligence Organisation (JIO) [...]


Portugal’s IntellCorp eyes European security contracts

In its search for new business opportunities, IntellCorp, a recently-launched [...]


Former Grayling agents target defence companies

Altitude Corporate and Public Affairs, a new lobbying firm launched [...]

Ravn assists SFO with artificial intelligence

Ravn, which uses machine-learning to read and summarise key information [...]

Al Salih targets Trump administration

Mark Al Salih, the tireless Washington lobbyist for Iraq’s Sunni [...]

Former military policeman on Emir guard duty

Philip Carpenter, a former investigator for the Royal Military Police [...]

Exiger headhunts Kroll’s Toronto chief

Deborah Gold has left as the managing director of Kroll’s [...]


Diligence caught up in Statoil dispute

According to Intelligence Online’s sources, Solar Harvest, the Norwegian green [...]

International Dealmaking

Low blows in US-Israel missile contract race

The Indian Army’s recent order of the Spike missile from Israel’s Rafael could be placed in jeopardy by determined US rivals for the business. [...]

Smear campaign against Veolia in Lithuania

The French water company, which is involved in a dispute with the Lithuanian government, has been the target of an online smear campaign. Intelligence Online has the inside story. [...]

Due Diligence

Threat Pattern, a CIA and Wall Street alliance

Thanks to its connections in high finance, Threat Pattern is carving a niche for itself as the go-to contractor for cyber-intelligence for the East Coast financial community. [...]

Surveillance & Interception

Five Eyes search for intranet contractor

The DIA is looking for a new contractor to operate the Stone Ghost network, used by the intelligence services that belong to the UKUSA Agreement. [...]

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