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Issue no. 617 dated 13 may, 2010
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Glevum, the U.S. Army's social surveyor

To gain a better understanding of the ‘human’ terrain in combat zones where it is engaged, the U.S. Army turns to research carried out by Glevum Associates.(...) [ 356 words ] [€5,2]

MENTIONED IN THIS ARTICLE : U.S. | Army | Human Terrain System | Steve Fondacaro | Glevum Associates | Afghan National Army | ISAF | Taliban ➔ See the 16 keywords

13/05/2010 -
From Hedge Fund to Bounty Hunter
08/04/2010 -
Integrity certificates to keep out of court
08/04/2010 -
Corporate monitor, a lucrative sideline
18/06/2009 -
Deripaska in Frantic Bid for Visa
21/05/2009 -
How Bribery Case Could Scupper U.S. Policy
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Issue no. 710 dated 16 april, 2014 rss
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Ambitious Mr Farr tries again
Having failed to secure appointments as head of MI6 or Home Office permanent secretary, Charles Farr is now making a play for the directorship of GCHQ, Britain's interception agency.(...) [ 186 words ]
DRM back in the driving seat
The French army, air force and navy have had a certain degree of autonomy to conduct their own intelligence affairs in recent years but the DRM, France's joint military intelligence directorate, is poised to play a bigger role once again.(...) [ 203 words ] [FREE]
Marines deployed in Black Sea
Against the backdrop of continued Russia-Ukraine tension, Romania is apparently to receive US military reinforcements.(...) [ 316 words ]
Cyber-tests on the Charles de Gaulle
French navy ships are now systematically tested for their vulnerability to cyber-attacks when they are tested for operational readiness ahead of deployment.(...) [ 139 words ]
Putin resists Jordan's King Abdullah
Like Saudi Arabia's Prince Bandar bin Sultan last year (IOL 702), Jordan's King Abdullah was unable to make Moscow budge on Syria during his meeting with Vladimir(...) [ 189 words ]

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