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DRM back in the driving seat

16/04/2014 - The French army, air force and navy have had a certain degree of autonomy to conduct their own intelligence affairs in recent years but the DRM, France's joint military intelligence directorate, is poised to play a bigger role once again.(...) [ 203 words ]


Arms exports made easier

02/04/2014 - Israel's defence ministry relaxed some of the regulations governing arms exports on March 19.The new rules establish a list of around 100 countries with whom Israeli companies can open negotiations without informing the defence ministry.(...) [ 252 words ]


Brennan obtains Qimch's head

19/03/2014 - After 36 years as head of Yemen's Political Security service, Ghaleb al Qimch has finally been toppled, much to the satisfaction of CIA chief John Brennan.(...) [ 197 words ]

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